Scunthorpe Dental Patients Now Have Access to Same Day Restorative Treatment

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Dental patients in Scunthorpe can now access same-day restorative dental treatment after a local practice invested in state of the art technology.

Stephen Potter, co-owner of Barton Dental Centre, explained that the addition of the Carestream Dental C3000 machine will enable patients in the local area to enjoy the benefits of same-day restorative treatment. This means you can have a new crown or inlay fitted in just one session.

Typically, restorative treatment takes around two to three weeks and involves two or three appointments. Patients have their teeth prepared and a mould is sent away to the laboratory. When it is ready, the dentist can fit the restoration. In the meantime, a temporary restoration is fitted. With new technology, it is now possible to carry out the entire process on site in just one day.

Using a laptop, Mr Potter is able to design the custom made crown. This design is then sent to the machine, which is responsible for the manufacturing process. Patients only have to arrange one treatment session and don’t have to undergo the moulding procedure, which many find unpleasant and uncomfortable. The procedure is much more accurate and of course, it saves both dentists and patients time. The cost is also the same as standard treatment.



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