Scottish clinics helping Malawi’s dental crisis

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Scottish Dental firm Clyde Munro Dental Group are helping the people of Malawi get their smiles back thanks to their work with the Smileawi charity.

The charity is hoping to get Malawi’s dental crises under control, but with only 40 dentists and 100 dental therapists serving 18,000,000 patients, it’s not an easy feat.

UK volunteers and generous donations are helping to deal with the crisis, with vital medical supplies being distributed across the country.

Since 2016 Clyde Munro Dental Group have donated hundreds of boxes of dental equipment including drill burrs, files and gauze pads.

Co-founder of Smileawi, Vicky Milne, said: “Donations like the ones we’ve received from Clyde Munro are absolutely crucial in allowing us to continue delivering dental support across Malawi…Visiting the dentist is often viewed as an unnecessary luxury by many Malawians when the tragic reality is that when left untreated, these issues can become fatal.”

Graham McAughtrie is a dentist who works at two of Clyde Munro practices. He visited Malawi last year to see first-hand how much their contributions mean to Smileawi, he said: “Dentistry over there is about safety and health first and foremost. We removed between four or five hundred teeth in less than three weeks. The patients were so incredibly grateful.”

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