Ronald McDonald Mobile Unit rolls into Upper Darby

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The Ronald McDonald mobile care unit visited children in the town of Upper Darby last week.

Children from a local day care centre benefitted from the service, with each one receiving a free routine check-up from volunteer dentists. The children were aged four and five and for many of them, this was their first experience of visiting a dentist.

Tiffany Brooks, a pre-school teacher from the area, said the children were very excited at the prospect of seeing a dentist. She said local people were extremely grateful for the services provided by the Ronald McDonald mobile care unit.

Dentists recommend that parents take their children to the dentist every year from the age of twelve months but research suggests that many children don’t see a dentist until they are much older. Unsurprisingly, figures suggest a year on year rise in the number of children diagnosed with tooth decay and cavities, with many children now being forced to have fillings and extractions.

Services like the Ronald McDonald mobile unit and events that are held to help raise awareness of the importance of good oral health are extremely beneficial for children, but they only cater for a small proportion of children in the USA. Millions of children go without routine dental care because their parents can’t afford treatment and find it difficult to access affordable dental care. Charities work hard to target vulnerable people but they can’t possible help everyone; it is hoped that President Obama’s new healthcare reform plans will make a huge difference to the dental and medical care system in America and will provide a more level playing field.



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