Robo Dentistry

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Japanese innovation in the area of technology has seen many advances, but none seem to be as remarkable as those within the robotics industry. Now lifelike human replicas, as real looking as you and I, have now been created to help those starting out in the dental industry.

The Showa Hanako 2 is one such android, made to look, act and feel like a real human within the dental office. Showa Hanako 2 blinks, sneezes, rolls its head, chokes, moves its tongue and speaks. The robot also comes with a full set of teeth, which can be used to help dental students become acquainted to the look and feel of a patient’s mouth when using a dental drill.

The android is currently in use for training at Showa University, Tokyo and one of the university’s teachers, Professor Koutaro Maki, said that the robot also helped with psychology of dentistry, “how doctors and students feel in the presence of a patient is a really big factor.”


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