Rise in NHS Dental Costs on April 1st

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From the 1st of April NHS dental prices will rise by 50p. This means that the price of a Band 1 dental treatment will increase from £17 to £17.50.

The costs for NHS prescription have also rose by 25p and will now be £7.65 for each patient. Other price increases may be as high as £5 for complex dental procedures such as dentures and bridges.

Prices for annual prescription costs, however, will stay the same, with quarterly prescription payment certificates staying at £104 and £29.10.

Simon Burns, the Health Minister spoke upon the reason for the changes:

“Dental charges represent an important contribution to the overall cost of dental services. The exact amount raised will be dependent upon the level and type of primary care trusts and the proportion of charge-paying patients who attend dentists and the level of treatment they require”.


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