Rise In Dental Claims Attributed To Sub-standard ‘Hollywood Smile’ Treatments

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The increase in claims against dentists in Lincolnshire has been attributed to botched work carried out to try and recreate the famous Hollywood smile.

Figures from Bridge McFarland solicitors show that dentists in the county have paid out £250,000 in claims; the solicitors have dealt with individual claims ranging between £5,000 and £50,000 over the course of the last three years.

Stephanie Lock, specialist in medical negligence claims at the firm, also said that a lack of NHS services and an increase in private treatment had lead to an increase in the number of negligence claims, as people who pay private fees naturally have higher expectations.

Ms Lock said that people were interested only in perfection and the firm has received a number of claims from patients who feel that they have not received treatment outcomes that meet their expectations; these expectations are likely to be based on the perfect Hollywood smile, which has become so popular with celebrities over the last few years.

Helen Rundle, from Langleys, another medical negligence solicitor in the county, said that a lack of training may also be to blame, as dentists are offering cosmetic dentistry when they do have expertise in that area, as cosmetic dentistry has become extremely popular and is a means of making a lot of money and attracting new patients to a practice.

Doctor Martin Fallowfield, chairman of the British Dental Association principal executive committee, said that patients are increasingly concerned with the aesthetic of their smile and advised patients to do their research before having treatment. Dr Fallowfield said that all good dentists should explain the treatment process and check that their patients have realistic expectations of the outcome before they agree to go ahead with treatment.



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