Regular dental check-ups could reduce risk of serious conditions by a third

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Research has revealed that regular dental check-ups could reduce the risk of serious medical conditions by a third.

A study conducted by a research team at the University of California, Berkeley, has confirmed a strong link between good oral health and good general health. The study focused on women and concluded that women who regularly attend dental check-ups have a much lower risk of serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, heart disease and strokes.

The study used data from the Health and Retirement Study, which involved seven thousand people aged between 44 and 88. The research found a significant decrease in the risk of serious health issues in women; however, the results were not the same for men. Good oral health was not proven to reduce the risk of male participants developing severe health problems; however, dental experts are still urging male patients to take good care of their teeth and gums.

The study compared people who went to the dentist during the two years leading up the study, with data relating to those who had not visited the dentist during the previous two years. The results of the study can now be added to numerous other research projects, which mark gum disease as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

The results of the study were published online in the Health Economics journal this week. Timothy Brown, the project leader, said the study reflected the results of numerous other studies but was the first project to find a causal link between dental care and serious health issues. 

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