Rates of tooth extraction highest among Ipswich children in the East of England

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Children from Ipswich are more likely to need teeth extracting than those living in other parts of the East of England, new research has revealed.
New data shows that rates of tooth extraction in the town are the highest in the region. Figures from Public Health England suggest that 238 extractions were carried out in Ipswich in 2017/2018 compared to 138 in Colchester and 48 in Norwich. More than 80% of children needed teeth extracting as a result of severe decay in the region as a whole, but the figure rose to over 95% in Ipswich. The extraction rate in the town (0.7%) is also above the national average of 0.5%.
Chair of the Eastern Counties branch of the British Dental Association, Paul Rolfe, suggested that diet is the main issue, with many children consuming excessive quantities of sugar through sweet snacks and fizzy drinks. To combat the problem, Mr Rolfe advised parents to moderate their child’s intake of sugar and to cut out pop and swap sugary snacks like biscuits, chocolate bars and sweets with low-calorie, low-sugar alternatives. Regular dental check-ups are also essential, and children are advised to go to the dentist every 6 months from the age of 12 months old. NHS dental care is available free of charge for children and details of practices that have NHS child places available can be found on the NHS Choices website.

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