Private Dental Clinic Set To Open In Cheltenham’s Boots Store

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Dental patients in Cheltenham will now be able to access dental care in the heart of the town centre after plans were revealed to open a new clinic in the Boots store.

Smileright dental centre is set to open in the store on Monday next week and the tea, which consists of two dentists and two dental hygienists, will be able to treat around 60 patients per day.

The new dental centre, which cost £270,000, will employ a total of 12 members of staff. It will be located on the first floor of the Boots store on the high street, enabling patients to combine going to the dentist with a shopping trip and making it easier for people who work in the centre of town to get to dental appointments.

The Smileright centre will be a private practice; however, managing director, Charles Quail said that the prices will be fixed between NHS charges and average private fees to make treatment more affordable.

Reaction to news of the new clinic has been largely positive, with locals welcoming additional dental services and more affordable private dental care.

Cheltenham Borough Council gave Boots permission to open the new clinic last month.

There is currently no waiting list for NHS dental places in the area but the new clinic will give private patients more choice, as well as making it easier to access dental care in the town centre.


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