Prevent baby bottle tooth decay

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An association has issued some recommendations to help parents care for their baby’s new teeth.

The American Dental Association has claimed that sweetened liquids like juices, formula and even some milks can harm a young child’s oral health because sugary substances can stick to gums and damage new soft emerging teeth.

It has issued a number of tips which are designed to keep you baby’s oral health bright and shiny for the future.

Before a baby’s first teeth emerge clean their gums using mildly warm water and a soft cloth or gauze.

When your youngster’s first tooth makes an appearance begin brushing with a child’s soft brush. Flossing should begin when the child has all it’s teeth.

Don’t give your child a bottle of anything sweet to take to bed with it.

Never give your youngster a bottle containing sugary water or soda.

Ask your dentist about administering fluoride to your child if it isn’t in the local water supply.

Begin to make twice-yearly appointments with your dentist once your child’s first tooth has erupted.

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