Police Issue Warning After Drugs Stolen From Glasgow Dental Practice

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A warning has been issued by police in Glasgow after drugs were stolen from a dental practice in the city.

Police issued a statement saying that the medication could cause serious, potentially fatal side-effects, and appealed for information about the theft, which occurred at Thornliebank Health Centre on Kennishead Road.

Police have confirmed that 50 ampules of Lignospan, 50 ampules of Scandonest and 12 ampules of Articane, were stolen from the practice on the 13th November. The break-in was reported by members of staff at the practice at 8.55am yesterday.

Sergeant Allison McIntyre, from Police Scotland, said that the medication should only be administered by medical professionals and used for specific reasons; if they were to be taken by members of the public, there could be very serious side-effects and potentially fatal consequences.

Sgt McIntyre has called for anyone who has information about the break-in to contact the police; she also appealed for anyone who is offered any of the missing drugs to get in touch with officers as quickly as possible.


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