Plans to create a new dental practice in Cleadon Village are given the go-ahead following successful appeal

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Plans to open a brand new dental practice in Cleadon Village have been given the go-ahead following a successful appeal.
Plans to change the use of the premises at 1 Windermere, off Front Street, were rejected twice, but have since been approved following a successful appeal by the applicant. At the time of the initial proposal, concerns about traffic flow and a lack of parking were raised. Despite the fact that the plans received letters of support from local residents, the application was turned down, and a further amended submission was also rejected a few months later.
The applicant, the owner of Cleadon Village Dental Practice, decided to appeal, and at a recent meeting of the planning committee, it was confirmed that the application has now been accepted.
Independent planning inspector, Mark Brooker, explained that there would be an increase in congestion, but this will be minimal and it will not impact the safety of those using the highways. The report also suggested that the demand for parking would increase very slightly.

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