Plans to convert a bungalow into a new dental surgery in Weymouth get the green light

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Planning officers have approved an application to turn a bungalow into a new dental surgery in Weymouth.

The premises, a semi-detached corner bungalow on Spa Avenue, fronts Dorchester Road. The house, which is near the Lidl supermarket, will be converted into a dental clinic with treatment rooms, a reception and waiting area and bathroom facilities. A new access route will also be created to provide additional parking for customers at the front of the building. The existing access area will be used for staff parking.

Despite the need for additional dental provision in the county, there were objections to the plans for the new surgery. David Gray, ward councillor, expressed concerns about the noise generated by the practice and its impact on the neighbouring property and questioned whether the proposed parking plans would work. Four local residents also raised issues, including increased traffic, parking problems and a loss of garden space.

The plans were approved by highway officers and given the green light by a local area planning committee. The vote in favour of opening the practice was unanimous.

Dental services across the UK are stretched at the moment and new practices like the proposed surgery in Spa Avenue, Weymouth, could play a crucial role in reducing pressure on existing services and shortening waiting times.
More information about the new practice, including opening times, will be released in due course.

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