Planning Officers To Consider New Dental Surgery Plans

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Planning officers are set to reconsider plans to open a dental surgery in Verwood, East Dorset.

Last year, plans to open a surgery on vacant land on Howe Lane were turned down by the council; however, adjustments have been made to the new submission and the applicant is hoping that these will swing the vote in their favour.

The disused land lies in a green belt area and last year, residents raised concerns about environmental impact, traffic and a lack of parking and some questioned the need for a new dental surgery.

The new application has plans for five separate parking spaces with independent access to reduce traffic problems and the surgery is set further back from the road; the plans include basement accommodation for members of staff, a reception area and waiting room and three treatment rooms on the ground floor. In addition to five spaces for staff, there are five parking spaces for patients on the opposite side of the building.

A planning officer from the council said that it is clear to see that the applicant has taken the recommendations from last year on board and made changes to address the concerns; however, there are some who are still unhappy about the plans and it is not clear at this moment what the final outcome will be.

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