Patients In Oxfordshire Urged To Visit The Toothbus For A Free Check-Up

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Patients in Oxfordshire are being urged to visit the toothbus to take advantage of a free check-up.

The toothbus parked in Barton yesterday and patients will be able to visit the mobile dental unit at Barton Community Centre until Thursday morning; the unit will then travel to the Roundabout Centre on Waynflete Road, where it will be stationed until Saturday.

Varinder Singh Bassi said that most of the patients seen on the toothbus have been referred to a dentist for treatment for decay or gum disease. The bus provides basic check-ups and information and advice about oral hygiene, dental care and lifestyle habits, which affect oral health, such as diet and smoking.

Patients who visit the bus are given a letter detailing their consultation, which contains information about local dental services and details about the treatment they need, if applicable.

The free check-ups are aimed at people who have not seen a dentist for two years or more and health bosses are hoping that the initiative will encourage more people to see their dentist on a regular basis.

For details about the toothbus and to see where it will be stopping in the coming weeks, visit

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