Over half of Warrington residents haven’t seen a dentist for at least 2 years

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New figures suggest that over 50% of Warrington residents haven’t seen a dentist for at least two years.
Data from NHS Digital revealed that 80,982 people saw a dentist in the town in the 24-month period leading up to the 31st December 2020.

This equates to around 49% of the adult population. There was a 6% increase in the number of people who haven’t seen a dentist in the last two years compared to figures from 2019/2020. The number of children who visited a dentist in Warrington fell by 30% in 2020.

Routine services have been limited in the last 12 months due to the pandemic and this has undoubtedly impacted figures across England. During the first lockdown, all dental practices closed and since June 2020, clinics have offered a reduced service to allow for social distancing and additional cleaning and infection control procedures.

Dental experts recommend routine check-ups every 6-24 months depending on a patient’s oral health status. Patients who are at risk of developing oral diseases and those with existing oral health problems are advised to see their dentist every 6 months while those with a clean bill of oral health can wait up to 2 years between appointments.

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