Over a hundred participants complete charity walk in memory of Dr Anoop Maini

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Over a hundred people successfully completed a charity walk in London in memory of Dr Anoop Maini. 

The event, which took place in Regent’s Park, London, was a chance for friends, family, and colleagues to remember the popular dentist and to support a charity he launched before he sadly passed away earlier this year. Wells on Wheels is an initiative, which was set up by Dr Maini, to raise money for communities in India that have limited access to clean water. The charity funds the purchase of drums, which enable people to drink water without having to walk for miles carrying incredibly heavy containers on their heads and shoulders. 

On the day, more than 120 walkers navigated the course, carrying large bottles of water to try and gain an insight into what it’s like to walk long distances with a heavy weight to bear. In total, the charity has raised £27,000, with the money collected from the walk funding 100 wheels. Here are plans for 400 more wheels to be sent to India in the near future.

The walk was organised by marketing expert, Shaz Memon, who coordinated with Dr Maini’s family to ensure the event was a fitting tribute to the much-loved dentist. Talking about the gathering, Shaz said that it was a lovely way to commemorate the life of Dr Maini and also a useful means of raising awareness of a great cause that will make a huge difference to rural communities in India.

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