Orkney dentists working to resume routine services

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Dentists in Orkney are working hard to try and restore routine dental services as quickly as possible.

Dental practices on the island were allowed to reopen in June as part of phase 2 lockdown easing, but initially, services were restricted. While dentists were able to treat patients who required urgent treatment, they were not allowed to administer AGPs (aerosol-generating procedures). Now, as part of phase 3 of the easing, teams are hoping to resume routine services and provide a wider range of treatments. 

Dental director at NHS Orkney, Jay Wragg, confirmed that practices on the island, including Clyde Munro/ Orkney Dental and Deyanov Dental, started welcoming patients back in June under phase 2 guidelines. As lockdown measures continue to ease during phase 3, dental teams are working through backlogs and inviting patients to take advantage of a more comprehensive range of services, including routine care. At present, AGPs can only be provided under strict criteria, and patients will be advised to visit facilities that are kitted out to offer this type of treatment.

As practices all over the UK have been closed for several months, patients have been advised that they may have to wait a little longer before organising appointments for services, such as check-ups. Dentists are eager to make up for lost time and see those in need of urgent assistance and it may take some time before clinics are running at normal capacity without waiting times for routine appointments.

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