Oral plasters could help to solve ulcer dilemmas

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Most of us are aware of the pain involved with having a mouth ulcer. Usually, when you have an ulcer, there’s a limit to what you can do to treat and protect it, and it’s very easy to catch your sore when you’re eating or brushing your teeth, which causes even more intense pain. Now, researchers have come up with a potential solution: an oral plaster, which is designed to speed up the healing process.

A team from Sheffield University’s School of Clinical Dentistry has developed a special patch, which is suitable for internal use. The team has been working in collaboration with Dermtreat A/S, which is based in Copenhagen. The unique plaster is compatible with moist surfaces, making it a viable option for treating ulcers, sores and lesions inside the mouth.

Dr Craig Murdoch, lead author and reader in Oral Bioscience at the Sheffield dental school, said that oral inflammatory conditions can have a very profound impact on quality of life. The new plaster offers an alternative to creams and mouthwashes, which are not always effective in targeting specific areas of the mouth. This new innovation is designed to act as a protective barrier, but it also provides targeted relief. Initial feedback from patients who trialled the biodegradable Rivelin patch was very positive and representatives from the university and Dermtreat A/S are looking to develop the product and bring it to market.

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