One In Six Brits Fail To Clean Their Teeth Every Day, Reveals Survey.

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A recent survey conducted by revealed shocking results into the habits of one in six Brits, who it’s said fail to brush their teeth every day, highlighting the poor oral health standard in the country.

61 percent of participants, who undertook the poll, have said they did not feel particularly self-conscious about failing to clean their teeth each day. It also showed 55 percent, simply forgot, and that 28 percent admitted that they could not really be bothered to clean their teeth every single day.

Peter Gregg, Director of, said the results of the survey was fairly surprising, and especially shocking to hear as most people prioritise social concerns like bad breath, over problems related to gum disease and decay.

As learning to look after your teeth is one of the earliest things that children learn to prioritise, it’s surprising to find out that so many adults are at risk of throwing out these good habits and putting their oral health into neglect.

Studies of gum disease and its link to a number of life-threatening illnesses have been found in numerous reports. It’s important that people make themselves aware of how important it is to keep on top cleaning twice a day, every day to prevent the risk of gum disease. Several international research teams have uncovered results suggesting that people who have neglected their oral health are at greater risk of strokes, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Another side note to the survey conducted, revealed that those who admitted to forgetting to brush, experienced remarks throughout the day about bad breath and food stuck in their teeth.

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