Norwich dentist prepares to travel to Lebanon to aid Syrian refugees

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A dentist from Norwich is preparing to leave the UK and travel to Lebanon to provide treatment for Syrian refugees.

Dr Gautam Sharma, from West Earlham Dental Health Practice, will visit Lebanon as part of a specialist charity project, which is designed to provide basic care for refugees who have fled Syria. Dr Sharma will be part of a team caring for adults and children as part of an outreach programme.

Dr Sharma explained that there are around 1.5 million refugees living in camps located in the Bekaa Valley. Crowds of people have left the war-torn country to avoid danger and poverty, but they still have very limited access to health and dental care. Dr Sharma is determined to do all he can to bring smiles and eliminate dental pain.

Recently, Dr Sharma appealed to local residents and patients to donate gifts and useful items that could be distributed to the refugees, and he said that the generosity of the public was incredible. The team was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of bags and boxes that arrived at the practice and Dr Sharma thanked everyone involved. The items that have been collected will make a real difference to those living with very few possessions.

Dr Sharma will be based at a camp in the Bekaa Valley and he will be part of a team put together by the charity, Dental Mavericks. As well as providing routine treatments, the team will also be educating local people and handing out supplies and gifts. Dr Sharma was particularly keen to thank the Taverham and District Lions Club, which collected a huge bag of toys, books and dental hygiene products.

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