Norfolk patient fears losing her teeth due to being unable to get a dental appointment

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A young woman from West Norfolk said she fears losing all her teeth by the time she reaches her 30s due to being unable to get a dental appointment.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted that she already has low self-esteem as a result of the condition of her teeth and she is now worried that she will have no healthy teeth when she turns 30.

She said that she regularly covers her teeth when she talks to prevent people from being able to see her smile and added that she is prone to infections and abscesses.

Despite requiring treatment, she has been unable to get a dentist since she was removed from the books at a surgery in Downham without notice.

The patient has experienced dental issues since being unwell in 2019 and her oral health has deteriorated significantly in recent months. Some of her teeth are discoloured and crumbling and she cannot face smiling in public.

The woman said that she has lost all confidence and feels let down by the NHS. She has tried several times to get an emergency appointment while struggling with pain but has been unable to see a dentist. Her story is shared by a growing number of people in Suffolk, one of the worst-affected areas in terms of dental access.

A spokesperson for NHS England in the East of England stated that the trust is working hard to increase capacity in the region and added that urgent treatment is available through regular practices and the NHS 111 service.

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