NHS dentists in England to get a pay rise in December

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Dentists who work for the NHS in England are set to receive a pay rise in December, it has been confirmed.

The British Dental Association claims that dentists working in England will be given a pay rise of 1.68%, which will be backdated from April 2018. On April 1st 2019, a further 0.65% will be added.

News of the rise has not been welcomed by the dental body, with vice chair of the BDA, Eddie Crouch, describing it as a “new low.” Mr Crouch suggested that dentists are used to receiving meagre rises, but said that this year has been particularly challenging and frustrating. The NHS contract continues to be delayed and a growing number of dentists are struggling to stay afloat amid rising running costs.

The government announced that NHS workers would receive a pay rise back in April, which would represent the most significant raise in the last decade. However, the BDA claims that real-time running costs are rendering raises non-existent, and suggests that dentists are actually a lot worse off than they were in the past.

The BDA has appealed for the government to do more to raise salaries and improve working conditions amid a recruitment shortage, which has caused some practices to close and others to cancel or postpone appointments.

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