NHS dental charges to increase in April

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The cost of NHS dental services is set to rise in April, the Department of Health has confirmed.

From April 1st 2019, the price of band 1, 2 and 3 treatments will increase across England. The cost of a check-up, a band 1 treatment, will increase by £1.10 to £22.70, while the cost of band 2 treatments will increase to £62.10. The most expensive services, band 3 treatments, will cost £269.30 from April. Prices in Wales will be £14 for band 1, £45 for band 2 and £195 for band 3 treatments.

Dentistry is one of few NHS services that is only partly subsidised by taxpayers, and fees apply to most adults. NHS dental care is available free of charge for children and those who receive certain benefits.

The banding system is designed to make it easier to determine how much you need to pay for NHS treatment. Band 1 treatments include routine checks, scale and polish, dental X-rays and diagnostic tests. Band 2 services include fillings, root canal treatment, denture relining, and extractions. Band 3 treatments include crowns, dentures and dental bridges. Your dentist will make the cost of the procedure clear if you need further treatment after a check-up or an X-ray. Although fees apply for NHS dentistry, they are significantly lower than private charges.

Prices have been increasing steadily year on year in England, and news of another fee hike has not gone down well with the British Dental Association. The BDA has accused the government of cutting spending at the same as increasing fees, making dentistry less accessible for patients across England.

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