New survey suggests 50% of dentists have thought about quitting due to wellbeing issues

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A new survey has revealed that 50% of dentists have thought about giving up their jobs due to issues related to their personal wellbeing. 

A report released following a survey by Dental Protection states that dentists are increasingly concerned about the impact of their career on their health and wellbeing. The ‘Breaking the Burnout Cycle’ report has called for more to be done to protect dental professionals and improve working conditions. 

Raj Rattan, dental director at Dental Protection, said that dentistry has the potential to be a hugely rewarding career, but that morale is low at the moment. Dentists are more prone to burnout and exhaustion, and this carries risks. 

Half of dentists surveyed by Dental Protection expressed dissatisfaction in relation to their work/life balance. Up to 60% admitted that it was hard to take even a short break during the day and 77% said the threat of legal action and complaints contributed to elevated levels of stress and anxiety. 

A combination of long working hours, being under pressure to hit targets and fear of litigation is contributing to many dentists finding their job more difficult and less enjoyable. Many of those surveyed enjoy spending time with patients and making a positive difference to their lives, but external factors are causing morale in the profession to plunge. 

Numerous surveys and polls have now suggested that a large proportion of dentists are considering retiring or leaving the profession in the next 5 years.

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