New study suggests that vaping is twice as effective as gum and patches for quitting smoking

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A new study has suggested that vaping is twice as effective as nicotine replacement patches and gum for helping smokers to quit.
New research revealed that smokers are up to twice as likely to give up if they use e-cigarettes, rather than nicotine replacement or patches or chewing gum. Scientists from Queen Mary University of London carried out a controlled trial to compare vaping to other stop-smoking products and techniques, including nicotine replacement gum, patches and lozenges. Researchers focused on a group of around 900 long-term smokers who had expressed an interest in using NHS services to quit smoking. The findings of the study have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Prof Peter Hajek, lead researcher, explained that the group, which comprised mainly middle-aged smokers, was provided with an e-cigarette starter kit or a selection of nicotine replacement products including gum, lozenges and patches. All the participants were also given advice. The study found that 18% of vapers managed to quit compared to 10% of those using nicotine replacement.
Prof Hajek believes that the results of the study indicate that smokers who want to quit could be provided with more effective, useful advice related to techniques they can try to help them give up. In the past, health professionals have been reluctant to credit vaping, even when smokers report success, due to a lack of scientific evidence. Prof Hajek hopes that this study will encourage health workers to explore a wider range of options.

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