New research reveals a third of UK adults never visit a hygienist

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New research has revealed that a third of UK adults have never visited a hygienist.

A study carried out by Tepe UK found that just over a third of adults in the UK have never had a dental hygiene appointment. Almost half of those surveyed admitted that they thought regular dental visits were sufficient to maintain good oral health.

The study showed that cost was a major barrier to some, with 36 percent of participants stating that they thought dental hygiene services were too expensive. Fourteen percent of people thought they didn’t need to go to a hygienist because their oral hygiene regime was ‘excellent.’

Elaine Tilling, head of clinical education at Tepe UK, said that brushing alone cannot clean the entire mouth and suggested that hygiene sessions are an effective treatment for those who have existing dental issues, as well as those who are keen to prevent problems from arising.

Ms Tilling said that the findings of the study show that many people are putting beauty before health, despite the majority of adults admitting that their smile is an important contributor to their overall appearance. Research suggests that some are more inclined to focus on how the teeth look rather than concentrating on their oral health.

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