New laws will be brought in to regulate independent clinics in Scotland

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Within the UK, there are no regulations in place for independent practices offering cosmetic treatments such as dermal filler treatment. In Scotland, one in five people have had cosmetic treatment in a private clinic or have at the very least though about having treatment.

The Scottish government recently reported that 4% of the adult population have had some kind of private treatment, normally cosmetic dentistry, and up to 16% have seriously considered treatment. As surgical and non-surgical treatments become more and more popular, especially within private clinics, it needs to be made clear to people that these clinics are not regulated when offering non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Most private clinics in Scotland are highly reputable, but there are handfuls that offer treatments, which could prove dangerous for their clients. Sometime, patients are left with painful injuries after treatment, therefore bringing in regulations can stop such practices being able to treat patients.

The Scottish Group for Cosmetic Interventions recommends that all independent clinics have to meet regulations from next year. It also suggest that those practicing cosmetic procedures keep up to date with the latest methods, have specialised insurance, and follow a clear set complaints procedure.

The General Medical Council believe that every patient should be protected when having a non-surgical procedure and should feel safe at all times. Patient safety is at the core of the new regulations in 2016.



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