New Fillings Could put an End to the Dreaded Dental Drill

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It’s a sound that provokes fear in most dental patients, but researchers have confirmed that new painless fillings could put an end to the terror of the dreaded dental drill.

Scientists believe that they have found a new painless filling, which does not require any drilling. Professor Jennifer Kirkham, study leader from the Leeds University Dental Institute, said that research and trials have supported the use of the new “filling with no drilling method.” According to the results of the study, the new fillings are highly effective.

The discovery of a new filling method will come as welcome news for thousands of people in the UK who suffer from dental anxiety. Most of us feel a little anxious before visiting the dentist, but for some their fear is so deep-seated that they avoid having dental treatment for several years, by which time their oral health has deteriorated.

The new filling method imitates the natural process of tooth enamel production, which scientists have recreated by reproducing the protein in a liquid form, which is then painted onto the tooth. Within a month of the protein solution being painted onto the tooth, a layer of protein forms and the enamel starts to regenerate, making the tooth much stronger.

Professor Paul Brunton, from Leeds University Dental Institute, said that the treatment will make a huge difference to people who suffer from dental phobia or dental anxiety. Patients are much more likely to have treatment if dentists can guarantee that the procedure will be completely painless.

A Swiss firm has licensed the method for further tests and it is hoped that it will be developed for use in dental practices in the near future.


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