New drop-in dental drop boutique opens in Liverpool

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A new drop-in dental boutique has opened in Liverpool. The Dental Café is the first clinic of its kind in the city.

The Dental Café focuses on three key services, oral hygiene, airflow treatment and cosmetic whitening. The services are presented in a cafe-style menu and the concept is designed to appeal to patients who are looking for modern, hassle-free dental services on their doorstep. The innovative practice is located on St Mary’s Road and it is the sister clinic to Garston Dental Practice.

Dr Clare Robinson, clinical lead and director, said that The Dental Café offers the people of Liverpool something unique by providing an alternative to traditional dentistry. The aim is to promote preventative services and protect and enhance smiles using three core treatments: scale and polish, Airflow and whitening.

The idea for the clinic was born out of a growing trend for drop-in dental clinics in London, and Clare is hoping that the facility will enable patients to view going to the dentist in a similar way to having a hair appointment or dropping into a café for a coffee.

The Dental Café prides itself on offering core services at affordable prices, and fees are clearly visible on the service menu, which boasts short, tall, grande and venti options based on those available at cafes and coffee shops.

Many people experience anxiety when faced with a trip to the dentist, and Clare and the team are hoping that The Dental Café represents a less daunting and more welcoming proposition.

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