MPs call for new guidelines for non-surgical facial treatments

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A group of MPs has called for new guidelines for non-surgical facial treatments following the publication of a report into the impact of edited pictures and cosmetic treatments on body image.

The Health and Social Care Committee encouraged the government to take swift action to protect vulnerable individuals and reduce the risk of health issues linked to body image.

The recommendations include introducing a new licensing system by next year (2023) and making dermal fillers available on prescription only. MPs have also suggested providing a minimum standard of training for practitioners to improve safety and setting up a dedicated task force for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

The report, which is entitled, ‘The impact of body image on mental and physical health’ highlights an exponential increase in body dissatisfaction and poor body image in recent years.

In addition to tightening restrictions on cosmetic treatments, such as fillers, the committee has also urged the government to introduce new measures to ensure that advertisers provide details of image editing and alterations on commercial pictures and promotional materials. The report recommends working with the Advertising Standards Agency to discourage advertisers and social media personalities from using editing apps. If pictures are modified, they should have a visible sign or logo, the committee suggests.

Chair of the Health and Social Care committee, Jeremy Hunt, said that urgent intervention is required to put a stop to patients receiving non-surgical treatment for people who don’t have any training or qualifications.

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