More than 1 Million Extra People Now have Access to an NHS Dentist

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The most recent NHS statistics show that more than one million extra people now have access to an NHS dentist.

The figures, which have been released by the NHS Information Centre, show that 1.2 million extra people have access to an NHS dentist in comparison to May 2010.

The pleasing statistics come after extra investment, worth £28 million, in dental services from the government and extra efforts by Primary Care Trusts to work with dentists to improve access to local dental services.

In May 2010 the government made a commitment to improve access to NHS dental services and the latest figures show a significant improvement and more than 1.2 million extra people now have access to NHS dental services, which represents a major improvement in just two years.

Speaking about the figures, Health Minister, Andrew Lansley said that he was delighted that so many people now have access to NHS dentistry and added that the statistics show that the NHS is moving in the right direction. The government announced extra investment of £28 million earlier this year, which was divided between a number of Primary Care Trusts around the country.

The government is currently running a pilot project, which will be used to form the new dental contract. Dental practices across the UK are currently participating in the pilot scheme, which is designed to try out new payment systems in order to focus on patient care.


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