Minnie The Cat All Smiles After Dental Treatment

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Minnie, a four year old cat from Carnoustie, is all smiles again after receiving dental treatment from a local dentist; Minnie’s owner brought her in with a jaw problem and vet Niall Morton asked a dentist friend to help.

Niall, who is based at Wallace Veterinary Centre, said that when he saw the cat, he knew that he would need assistance and contacted his friend Gary Grime, who is a dentist at Monifieth Dental Clinic. Gary is used to treating humans, but was happy to help.

Minnie’s jaw had been knocked out of place in an accident and with the practice’s specialist veterinary dentist on holiday, Gary was asked to help out. Minnie was anaesthetised and the team then set about putting a splint in her jaw to restore it to the right position; the procedure took around one hour and Minnie has recovered well; it will take between 2 and 4 weeks to determine if the splint has worked and the jaw has been repositioned.

Gary said that the procedure was exactly the same as the human equivalent, but it was fun and interesting to treat an animal and a good opportunity to see Niall and learn more about what does from day to day. Gary has not ruled out working with animals in the future and is happy to help if the need arises again.

Niall said that he suspected that Minnie had been run over or suffered a heavy fall. He said he had no reservations about calling Gary, as he has done a filling for him before and had every confidence that he would be able to do the job.

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