Milton Keynes Dentist Backs Calls for Sugar Tax

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Dentists from Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust are backing calls from the British Medical Association to introduce a 20% sugar tax on sugary drinks.

The trust operates a number of dental clinics, including children’s centres, in Milton Keynes and dental professionals are eager to lend their support to new calls from the BMA that suggest introducing a sugar tax to reduce levels of obesity, diabetes and dental health issues.

Clinical director of the trust’s Priority Dental Scheme, Jane Little, said it is good news that sugar has suddenly become a subject of discussion and debate, as dentists have been stressing the dangers of consuming too much sugar for many years. Ms Little added that she hopes the high profile appeal from the BMA and the publication of the ‘Food for Thought’ report will bring about urgent action and encourage people to consume less sugar. With a single can of cola containing more sugar than the daily recommended intake, a huge proportion of people are taking in too much sugar.

Milton Keynes dentists are already working hard to reduce rates of decay, particularly among children. A fluoride varnish scheme is already in place across eight children’s centres. The treatment is available to children over the age of three years old and dental professionals are also on hand to distribute leaflets and information sheets. They will offer advice to both parents and children. Some clinics also provide visual displays that show you how much sugar is present in popular drinks.

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