Midlands dentist calls for Cheshire and Staffordshire schools to take tooth decay seriously

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A dentist who works across Cheshire, Staffordshire and parts of the Midlands has called for schools to take tooth decay seriously.

Dr Jatinder Ubhi said that schools can play an incredibly positive role in encouraging pupils to adopt healthy habits and reduce their risks of developing dental issues. Sugar consumption is the most significant cause of high rates of decay among children and teenagers. Dr Ubhi is calling for schools to adopt policies and implement guidelines that discourage the consumption of sugary snacks, unhealthy meals and fizzy drinks in a bid to try and bring rates of decay right down.

Tooth decay is almost always preventable, yet it is the most common reason under 18s are admitted to hospital in the UK. The latest data from Public Health England suggests that nearly a quarter of 5-year-olds have signs of decay, with over 10% of 3-year-olds displaying symptoms.

Dr Ubhi has recently launched a new project, which aims to improve education for children and engage families in oral health issues. The Toothey Family aims to make dental health more accessible and fun and ensure children know why it is important to look after their teeth and gums and how they can lower risks of cavities, dental infections and gum disease.

The Faculty of Dental Surgery and the British Dental Association have also called for the government to encourage schools to go sugar-free, with many children consuming sugar-laden drinks and snacks on-site, bringing unhealthy packed lunches from home and eating meals with high-sugar content in school dining rooms.

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