Man extracts teeth with shoelaces and undergoes treatment in Turkey amid rising dental fees in the UK

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A man extracted his own teeth using shoelaces before travelling to Turkey to undergo treatment because he couldn’t afford to pay to see a dentist in the UK.

Grant Lakey admitted that he resorted to medieval methods to remove painful, decayed teeth because he couldn’t afford to pay for treatment at home. Unable to deal with the intense pain he was suffering, Grant removed his teeth at home before booking into a clinic in Turkey to get the treatment he needed.

NHS dental charges increased by 8.5% on April 24th but more and more people are finding it difficult to access NHS appointments. Private fees are significantly more expensive, leaving many patients who are in a similar situation to Grant facing a decision between continuing to suffer, finding the money to pay to go private or exploring other options. Dental tourism is booming, largely due to the attraction of low prices.

Turkey is one of the most popular locations for dental tourists, with prices up to 80% lower than in the UK in some cases. Despite the popularity of Turkish clinics and alluring deals, dentists have warned that standards of care may be lower. A report by the British Dental Association (BDA) confirmed that dentists across the country have reported a significant increase in the number of patients requiring remedial treatment after having treatment overseas. Some have been quoted over £20,000 such is the extent of the damage caused to the teeth.

The chair of the BDA, Eddie Crouch, criticised the latest price hike for NHS dentistry, claiming that most people cannot afford to pay over £25 for a check-up.

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