Longton parking warden to change job following assault that left him needing over £10,000 worth of dental work

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A parking warden who was assaulted by an angry motorist is set to change job. Daniel Fairclough, from Longton near Stoke-on-Trent, was attacked by Grant Saville after giving him a ticket for parking in a disabled bay without a blue badge.
Mr Fairclough tried to run away from Mr Saville, who became aggressive after spotting the ticket on his car, but he slipped and was subsequently kicked in the head several times. He sustained severe injuries, and lost three teeth in the incident. Mr Fairclough is now planning to change jobs because he doesn’t want to put his family through any more stress.
Talking to the BBC, Mr Fairclough said that the ticket he handed out was only a £35 fine, and added that the reaction was completely irrational and unexpected. Talking about the incident, the former parking warden said that he was in the process of placing a ticket on Mr Saville’s car when he approached with another man. After seeing the ticket, he became very angry and chased after Mr Fairclough, kicking him repeatedly while he was on the floor. Mr Fairclough remembers waking up in the back of an ambulance covered in blood.
The attack has impacted Mr Fairclough and his family, and the cost of his dental treatment is expected to reach around £11,000. The treatment will be paid for by the council as part of Mr Fairclough’s insurance coverage. Although Mr Fairclough intends to remain with the council, he is looking for a new job. Although mild verbal abuse tends to be fairly common when you’re a parking warden, physical violence is a step too far.
Grant Saville was found guilty of assault and sentenced to 20 months in jail.

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