London dentist warns patients against travelling to Turkey for cosmetic treatment

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A dentist from London has warned patients to think twice about travelling to Turkey for cosmetic treatment after witnessing an increase in people needing remedial work.

Dr Sahil Patel, a cosmetic dentist and owner of Marylebone Smile Clinic, is urging patients to avoid undergoing dental treatment overseas amid a surge in the popularity of dental tourism. According to Dr Patel, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of patients requiring remedial treatment in the UK after returning home from countries like Turkey.

Dr Patel used the example of a female patient he treated. The woman had visited a clinic in Turkey with dreams of enjoying a beautiful smile like those seen on reality TV shows like Love Island. She had eight of her front teeth extracted and replaced with temporary implants. Initially, the results were pleasing but within just three months of having treatment, she started to experience severe problems. The implants, which cost £5,000, had become infected.

The patient was left without six front teeth and had to pay a further £3,000 to have her teeth fixed. Dr Patel said that this kind of problem, though rare, was becoming increasingly commonplace. Turkey is not the only dental tourism hot spot. Other popular locations include Thailand, Romania and Hungary.

Pristine smiles are in-demand and many people are choosing to go overseas for treatment to take advantage of lower prices. While some are very happy with the results, there is growing concern among dentists in the UK about the safety of treatment. Some patients are ending up spending thousands of pounds to fix botched jobs and many have reported having different treatments to the ones they signed up for.

The advice from dentists, including Dr Patel, is to consider having treatment in the UK. For those who do want to go abroad, it’s critical to undertake extensive research and choose reputable, accredited clinics.

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