Life ban for pensioner that left hoax bomb outside dental practice

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A pensioner has been given a life ban from a dental surgery following an incident involving a hoax bomb.

The 84 year old man, known as Peter McShane, manufactured a false bomb and planted it outside his local dentist surgery. Inside the box, he placed a ticking clock, which triggered a large-scale police investigation and caused upset for local residents, who had to be evacuated from their homes. Mr McShane, who lives very close to the surgery, was among those who were asked to leave their homes, yet he still failed to mention to police that the bomb was in fact a hoax.

It is thought that Mr McShane planted the hoax bomb as a form of revenge after he felt he was overcharged; after paying a sum of £187, the pensioner proceeded to carry out a series of minor attacks, which preceded the hoax bomb. The full amount was refunded to the pensioner by the surgery but he continued to take out his anger on the practice.

Mr McShane received a suspended jail sentence of 34 weeks; he was spared time in jail because of his age and the fact that he previously had a clean criminal record. The Judge at Swansea Crown Court condemned Mr McShane’s “vindictive” behaviour and enforced a life ban from the surgery.

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