Legal Advice Available for London 2012 Dentists

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Dentists who are volunteering at the London 2012 Olympic Games have been invited to take advantage of legal advice from indemnity experts at Dental Protection.

Dental Protection has offered its services in the unlikely event of an incident occurring and representatives from the organisation have already met with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games to discuss their role.

Kevin Lewis, Dental director commented upon the matter, saying, “Dentists who volunteer to provide dental care during the games should continue to act within their competence (training, skill, experience) rather than attempting any new personal best.”

“A few moments taken to study the protocols laid down by the LOCOG in respect of the provision of their services will ensure that their own method of working is adapted for the unique international environment in which they will be working.”

Dentists who are planning to work at the games have been advised to contact Dental Protection and ensure that they are registered and dentists who are planning to earn money during the games should ensure that they have membership that allows work outside of their regular employment.


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