Lanarkshire dentists unable to provide full range of services due to PPE shortages

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Some dentists in Lanarkshire claim that they are unable to provide a full range of services for patients due to a shortage of PPE supplies. 

Dentists in Rutherglen and Cambuslang have reported problems accessing PPE, which has prevented them from offering patients certain treatments and services. Some practices have encountered delays with deliveries from NHS Lanarkshire, and there have been issues linked to PPE that is out of date. 

The Scottish Government has given the go-ahead for practices across the country to reinstate AGPs (aerosol-generating procedures), but many are unable to offer treatment because they don’t have the required PPE. As AGPs carry a higher risk of infection due to the fact that they produce and disperse droplets, teams are required to wear additional PPE. For some dentists, the situation is becoming increasingly frustrating, with one suggesting that NHS dentistry is currently “on its knees.”

Hayley Moss, from Rutherglen HC Dental, said that it’s often difficult to access PPE supplies because there is a huge demand for the extra pieces required to carry out AGPs. Dentists have to contact the health board to place an order, but there have been issues due to the increased demand for PPE, and this has contributed to delays for practices and patients.

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