Kelly Brook Manages A Smile After Dental Surgery

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Model and TV presenter Kelly Brook took to Instagram to share a photo of herself after undergoing extensive dental surgery last week.

The 34 year old beauty shared a snap of herself relaxing in bed after undergoing tooth extraction with the caption ‘still cute’; the model had four wisdom teeth removed on Friday and was eager to share the news with her many followers.

Kelly posted the photo, which showed her curled up in a scarf and blanket to inform her fans that she had all four wisdom teeth taken out earlier in the day and was immediately greeted with a host of comments from well-wishers.

Wisdom tooth extraction is fairly common and is usually the result of a lack of space in the jaw, which causes pain and crowding when the wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, cut through the gums. Extraction can often be done by general dentists, but in more complex cases patients are referred to oral surgeons and the procedure may be carried out in hospital under general anaesthetic.

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