Keighley Residents Invited To Join Discussion On Out-Of-Hours Dental Care

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Residents in Keighley have been invited to give their opinions on proposals to change out-of-ours and emergency dental care services in West Yorkshire.

Individual trusts are currently responsible for controlling out-of-hours care, but health bosses in the region are considering changes to enable patients a choice in services across West Yorkshire, rather than just in their local trust boundary.

The contracts held by Primary Care Trusts are due to end at the end of March and a consultation on the future of urgent dental services are underway. Health bosses are eager to hear from residents so that it meets their needs.

Dentist David Wood, who is leading the consultation project, said feedback is important in order to ensure that the system caters for local people and encouraged as many people as possible to get involved.

The new system, if approved, would mean that patients can choose to access services across West Yorkshire. Residents in Keighley are currently limited to services in Bradford and Airedale. In addition to greater choice the new proposals would make accessing a dentist easier for people who live and work in different areas.

The consultation is open until April 26th and bosses will then consider feedback and review the information about clinical quality and the financial implications of implementing the modifications.

The patient questionnaire is available online. To order a paper version patients are advised to call 01484 464 025.

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