Hythe Dental Practice Offers Patients Free Mouth Cancer Checks

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A Hampshire dental practice is offering free mouth cancer checks in November.

The Waterside Dental Practice in Hythe will be providing free oral cancer screening on the 30th November for patients and non-patients; appointments will be available between 9am and 12pm.

This will be the third year the practice has decided to offer the initiative and support the British Dental Foundation’s Mouth Cancer Action Month, which is designed to raise awareness of mouth cancer. The campaign will launch on Friday 1st November and screening will be available at practices all over the UK on various dates throughout November. The aim of the campaign is to educate people about mouth cancer and encourage them to either attend a screening session at a local practice or arrange a check-up with their dentist.

Early detection is extremely important in cases of mouth cancer as cancer gets progressively worse and can spread to other parts of the body; the earlier the disease is diagnosed and treated, the higher the chance of survival.

Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of cases of oral cancer has increased considerably in the UK over the last decade and 5 year survival rates have plateaud due to the fact that most cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage. If people are aware of the risk factors and symptoms they are more likely to visit their dentist when they notice potential warning signs and this will help to improve the chance of successful treatment.

Examinations at the Waterside Dental Practice will involve a quick examination of the soft tissue and a brief discussion about the symptoms and warning signs of oral cancer. To find out more patients and non-patients are advised to contact the practice.




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