Hundreds Expected To Turn Out For New York State’s First Mission Of Mercy Clinic

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The organisers of a charity dental clinic in Troy, New York State, are expecting large crowds to gather in the next few hours. This will be the first Mission of Mercy clinic to take place in the state.

The clinic will open its doors to patients on Friday morning and dentists, nurses and hygienists will be working throughout the day and all day Saturday to see as many people as they can. The clinic will take place at Hudson Valley Community College and organisers are expecting dentists to see around 1,000 people over the course of the 2-day event.

Hundreds of dentists, hygienists, nurses and general volunteers have given up their weekend to help out at the event, which is run by the Mission of Mercy, a charity, which runs free clinics all over the USA to help people in need.

Dr Brian Kennedy, Co-chair of the event, said that he hopes that the clinic will provide relief for patients in pain, as well as highlighting the issue of barriers to affordable and accessible dental care, which affects thousands of people living in and around New York.

The clinic will open at 6am and patients are advised to arrive early, as appointments will be available on a first come, first served basis. Dentists will see as many people as they can and anyone who is turned away on Friday will be given priority on Saturday.

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