Glasgow dentist submits application to open clinic in city shopping mall

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A dentist from Glasgow has submitted an application to open a new clinic in one of the city’s most popular shopping malls.

The dentist in question is hoping to open a new surgery in Princes Square after applying to take over the lease of unit 40, which was previously occupied by Castle Galleries. Castle Galleries took out a series of short-term contracts, but has now relocated to Queen Street. The unit has not been occupied on a long-term basis since 2010.

A statement accompanying the application noted that although the unit has been marketed for class 1 use, there have been no suitable long-term applications. The application comes from a class 2 business, but the occupant wishes to take on a long-term lease.

The dental practice, if given the green light, would offer a range of cutting-edge services, including dental implants, the latest orthodontic treatments and non-surgical facial aesthetics. The statement also insists that the clinic will be staffed by “renowned clinicians, dental technicians and suppliers.”

The application has been sent to planning officers at Glasgow City Council and a decision on the future of the project is expected by the 3rd August.

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