Glasgow dental provider signs up for eco-friendly car sharing scheme

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A dental provider based in Glasgow has signed up for an eco-friendly electric car share initiative. Dental Care at Home, Scotland’s largest home care dental provider, has joined Co-Wheels, a scheme that is designed to reduce emissions. 

Dental Care at Home currently has a team of dentists and nurses that travel to 19 homes across the region, providing dental care for over 900 residents. After moving to a new health centre in Glasgow, the company decided to get involved with Co-Wheels, a pay as you go electric car hire service that provides access to green vehicles across the UK. Staff members have been using a Renault Zoe to visit patients, as well as walking and cycling to appointments in the local area. 

Members of the scheme are able to book a hire car online or via the phone, with the option to reserve a vehicle for short-term or long-term use. Insurance is included, and you can take the car for any duration, from 30 minutes to several days. 

Dental Care at Home manager, Mark Fowler, described the Co-Wheels model as a scalable solution for the business, which also provides a greener means of getting around. Glasgow is a large city, and the care teams wanted to find a more eco-friendly and cost-effective way of getting from one care home to another. Co-Wheels provides flexibility and it’s very easy for the team to hire a vehicle when needed. 

As well as enabling the business to keep a handle on costs and promote efficiency, Dental Care at Home is also proud to be doing its bit for the environment, and several patients have made positive remarks about the company’s commitment to going green.

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