Glasgow dental practice owners submit plans to relocate to larger premises

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The owners of a dental practice in Glasgow have submitted plans to relocate to larger premises.

The Tiwari Watson Dental Care team is hoping to move across the road to take advantage of bigger premises, which would enable the practice to expand. The current site on Springburn Road is too small, according to the application, and moving over the road would allow for better access for disabled patients. The premises in question are residential, and therefore a change of use proposal would have to be approved by planners.

In addition to creating more space for larger, modern treatment rooms, the practice owners are also hoping to create a staff parking area to the left of the building and increase the number of bays available for patients. There are also plans to add a bicycle shelter.

Joseph Watson, partner, said that the current surgeries are small and cramped, which makes it difficult for patients, particularly those who have wheelchairs, to get around. The reception area and waiting room are also located within the same space, and the treatment rooms are adjoined, with just a thin wall separating them. This contributes to issues related to privacy, noise and patient confidentiality. Moving to a larger property would enable the owners to create a practice to create an environment that is better suited to the needs of patients and staff.

The proposals include plans to create a separate reception and waiting area and incorporate a kids’ area within the waiting room.

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