Glasgow dental practice becomes one of the first in the UK to use new virus-killing purifying units

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A Glasgow dental practice has become one of the first in the UK to use a new virus-killing purifying unit designed by Purer Clean Air. Based in Glasgow, the firm has developed air purifying devices, which have already been used in gyms in England and Manchester’s Nightingale Hospital. 

Commonwealth Dental Practice is now using the virus-killing units, and dentist, Patrick Balmer, believes that the technology is an excellent investment. Mr Balmer said that the units enable the team to offer AGPs (aerosol-generating procedures) and they provide peace of mind for staff and patients. 

The Purer Clean Air devices have been developed in association with Healthy Air Technology UK, and they can deliver up to 800m2 of pure air. The technology removes “pollutants and micron-level particles.” The units have been approved by SGS, a Swiss certification firm, and they were trialled in hospitals in Shandong Province, China. 

Chief executive of Purer Clean Air, Raymond McGurk, said that the units have been certified and the team is confident in their virus-killing abilities. The devices have now been allocated for trials in some UK hospitals as a thank you from the firm, and the company has also contacted councils and businesses about rolling out the technology on a larger scale. The aim is to ensure people are able to breathe clean air, and the devices can be used across several settings, including schools, gyms, lifts and other confined spaces, offices, healthcare practices and stores. 

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