FDA considering amalgam debate

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The US Food and Drug Administration is considering the future of metal amalgam fillings, after concerns were raised at a town hall meeting in Texas.

The meeting was held to allow people to give their opinions and perspectives on the amalgam debate. Members of the public, public health figures and dentists all attended the meeting in Irving and the FDA will consider the points made by speakers at the event.

Metal amalgam fillings have been used for many years but more and more people are choosing to have natural, tooth coloured fillings, which are generally believed to be much safer, as well as more aesthetically pleasing. There have been concerns around amalgam fillings for a while now and some countries have already banned metal amalgam fillings; however, in America, they are still fairly common, as they are much cheaper than ‘white’ fillings and white fillings are not covered by basic insurance policies.

The FDA is also taking advice from an advisory panel and is set to make a decision on the future of the metal amalgam fillings in the near future.

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